A photo of me, wearing a cappy, grey hoodie and red t-shirt standing on top of the Albertina roof in Vienna.

Kamillo Ferry

Hey there! I’m a mathematician and computer scientist (what they call ‘Informatiker’ in Germany). Right now, I’m a PhD student with Professor Carlos Améndola at the research group of Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Data Analysis at Technische Universität Berlin. There, I’m part of the research project Likelihood Geometry of Max-Linear Bayesian Networks of MATH+.

My email address is “kafe (at) kafe (dot) dev”.

I am interested in algebraic statistics, tropical and algebraic geometry and the interplay between these. Besides those, I am personally very excited about computer graphics, operating systems and complexity theory (more specific, parametric complexity theory and circuit complexity) on the computer science-side. On the other hand, mathematically I get very enthusiastic about resolution of singularities, algebraic surfaces, enumerative problems in algebraic geometry and topics in arithmetic geometry.

I obtained a BSc in Informatics at Leibniz Universität Hannover and MSc in Informatics and Mathematics also at Leibniz Universität Hannover.

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